As the 4th largest city in the United States, Houston has been recognized by CNN as one of the best places to launch a small business. 

But in such a competitive environment, a small business has to protect itself. An influx of business means an influx of business transactions, and these do not always go smoothly. 

The laws surrounding contracts, insurance, and potential fraud is complicated. When a commercial dispute occurs, it may be necessary for a lawyer to step in to ensure that the process is handled professionally. 

Trey Barton has the knowledge and experience to handle complex commercial litigation in the Houston area.

What is a Commercial Dispute?

A commercial dispute is any dispute between two business entities. These disputes can arise from a variety of situations and can result in serious consequences for everyone involved.

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What Kind of Commercial Dispute Cases Do You Handle?

Our commercial dispute attorney will aggressively defend our clients’ interests in matters such as:

Breach of Contract

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties. They can be either verbal or written. When both parties understand the contract is legally binding and one party does not uphold their side, a breach of contract has taken place. 

The longer you do business, the more likely it becomes that you will deal with a breach of contract. 


Fraud is an umbrella term that encompasses many kinds of commercial disputes. Fraud occurs when a corporation or individual engages in any false or deceptive business practice that causes financial harm to another.

Unfortunately, many people and corporations will experience fraud. This is for the simple reason that people and companies are not always honest. 


A commercial dispute can arise when an insurance company improperly denies a claim. Trey Barton understands that many people in Houston depend on their insurance coverage for financial security. 

Remember, your insurance company will have a legal team to defend their interests. You need one to defend yours. 

Oil & Gas

Interest in oil & gas in Texas is as high as ever. As oil and gas prices rise, so do the number of people doing business in the industry here.

Ownership of mineral rights can be difficult, especially if several people own the property. Commercial disputes can arise between oil and gas companies, leaseholders, and property owners.

How Can A Houston Commercial Dispute Attorney Help?

Some business owners may be under the impression that involving an attorney in a commercial dispute will naturally escalate a situation. In fact, the opposite is true.

When you consult a commercial dispute attorney, they can provide you with objective advice to resolve your commercial dispute. Though our Houston commercial dispute attorney is fully prepared to represent you and your business in court, he can also provide you with alternative methods of resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.

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Many businesses fail, not due to poor management or lack of determination, but through outside circumstances. Commercial litigation is one of the most common reasons businesses eventually fail. 

Don’t let your business end that way. Contact Trey Barton Law at 832-916-2526 for help with all your commercial disputes.


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