Businesses, customers and suppliers count on honesty when dealing with other parties in the conduct of mutually beneficial business transactions. Fulfilling contractual obligations is a fundamental aspect of business. When a party to a business transaction makes false promises, forges signatures, issues bad checks, not only is trust broken, but often, real losses occur. Trey Barton is a Houston fraud claim lawyer who represents individuals and people who have been injured or wrongfully taken advantage of through fraud. 

Do I need a Houston Fraud Claim Lawyer?

To determine whether or not you should hire a fraud attorney, you need to understand whether or not you have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is an umbrella term that encompasses many kinds of commercial disputes. Fraud occurs when a corporation or individual engages in any false or deceptive business practice that causes financial harm to another. Unfortunately, many people and corporations will experience fraud. This is for the simple reason that people and companies are not always honest.  Fraud, concealment and related claims are typically complex and highly emotional.
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Fraudulent Transactions Can Include:

Fraud can arise in many transactions, including the sales of goods and services, purchase agreements, business transactions, company agreements, or sale of property or real estate.

Moreover, fraud is not exclusive to any particular industry or business type. It can be committed by various types of companies, such as:

  • Insurance providers,
  • Banks and other financial institutions,
  • Health care providers, and
  • Other providers of goods and services.

Elements of Fraud

The elements of fraud include the following:

  • False representation of a material fact in connection with a contract or transaction
  • Confirmed knowledge of the falsehood by the party committing fraud, or reckless disregard
  • Representation made with the intention that the other party will rely on the information
  • Action by plaintiff in response to misrepresentation
  • Actual loss by the plaintiff as a result of the fraud 

What is a Material Misrepresentation?

A representation is considered “material” if a substantial likelihood exists that the plaintiff would consider the representation important to the terms of the contract or exchange in question. 

What Happens in a Fraud Case?

In a successful legal claim of fraud, the wronged party may recover compensation equal to the loss, and possible punitive damages.

Aggressive Fraud Litigation Lawyer in Houston

Fraudulent conduct can occur in many transactions, whether by a business partner, broker, seller, salesperson, advisor, or anyone else who gained your trust without good faith.

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud in a business dealing, monetary transaction or contract, you should contact Trey Barton, a Houston fraud claim lawyer, by calling 832-916-2526 or filling out the online contact form.


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