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The process of filing an accident claim is difficult. The time immediately following an accident can be traumatic. It is stressful to think about medical bills and insurance companies, especially when your injury was someone else’s fault. It may be tempting to leave claims to the insurance company after an accident, but it is important to remember that insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind. They have been known to take advantage of people when they are the most vulnerable. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies after an accident, unfair settlements, pending payments, and denied claims seem to be the norm. But, hiring a Houston insurance claim lawyer, like Trey Barton, will let the insurance company know that you are prepared to fight for your rights.

What Does an Insurance Claim Lawyer Do?

If you have suffered a major loss from fire, theft, or some other accident, you have probably filed an insurance claim. You may not understand what your rights are, and you should be fairly certain you cannot trust the insurance company. Your financial interests and the financial interests of the insurance company are in a natural conflict: As a customer, you want and deserve to be compensated for what you have lost. The insurance company wants to settle your claim for the smallest amount of money possible.

An insurance claim is a business negotiation. So, even though you are a policyholder who has paid insurance premiums, you may have to fight for what you deserve. Many times, the insurance company contests the validity of the claim. Disputes often arise after an insurance company denies a valid claim, many times without providing a legitimate reason or explanation.  Insurance companies generate a greater profit when they deny policyholders’ claims or they get people to accept low-ball offers.. 

Furthermore, some insurance companies habitually deny claims–regardless of their legitimacy–and will only investigate a claim if the policyholder takes legal action.

Insurance claims attorneys help clients fight to get what is rightfully theirs from insurance companies.

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Insurance Claims Challenges

Even when you are prepared, the insurance process is rarely cut-and-dry. There seems to be obstacles or hurdles to jump through at every corner. Some insurance companies do this intentionally to frustrate claimants, driving them to accept a low settlement just to “be done with it”. 

The following are possible obstacles when filing an insurance claim.

The insurance adjuster:

Wants you to provide an “on the record” statement. 

This is never a good idea. They want to talk to you before you have an opportunity to talk to an attorney that is familiar with the process.  Anything you say can be used out of context. It is important to remember that the insurance company is not taking the information to help you. They are gathering this information in hopes they can use your statements against you later.

Claims that you are at fault for your accident.

Insurance companies hire professional adjusters in order to remain as profitable as possible. The adjuster’s loyalty is never to you, the customer, but to the company, who signs his or her checks. This is their job. So, many insurance adjusters will use any information, like statements, against you. 

Furthermore, under Texas law, even if you are 49% at fault, you still have the right to receive partial compensation from the party that was 51% responsible. 

Questions the value of your claim.

This is common practice. Oftentimes, insurance adjusters will approve certain damages, while disapproving others. 

They may justify claim reductions by stating that you didn’t miss the work you claimed that you did, that your injuries weren’t sustained from the accident, or that you didn’t actually need all of the medical treatment you received. 

Your insurance provider has a team of professionals, who are highly trained in their prospective fields. In order to combat this, you should consult a skilled Houston insurance claims lawyer who knows the inner workings of the system and what you are legally entitled to recover. 

Makes an unreasonably low offer. 

The majority of insurance companies make low-ball offers in hopes you will accept it. Before accepting any settlement offer, you should consult an attorney to see if the offer compensates you for your losses.

Why Was My Claim Denied and What Can I Do?

If your claim was denied, it is important to understand that your insurance company is a for-profit business. This means that it is in their best interest to search for loopholes in your contract to avoid payment. 

In some cases, insurers claim their customers are not entitled to compensation because the losses were not as substantial as reported. In other cases, insurers incorrectly assign fault to the customer to avoid payment and raise premiums. It is common practice for insurance companies to deny your claims without any justification. 

How Do I File a Lawsuit Against an Insurance Company?

If you believe your claim has been wrongfully denied, you should consult a Houston Insurance Claim Attorney.  An attorney can determine whether a breach of contract claim should be made and/or whether there is a potential claim for bad faith. If it does, then necessary procedural steps are taken to assist you in the future bad faith claim. This can happen after your insurer has been given the opportunity to do the right thing, but refuses to resolve your claim in good faith.

Every state has laws protecting consumers from bad faith tactics by insurers. Pursuing a claim on your own can feel like an uphill battle, at best. An experienced Houston insurance claim lawyer can help you stand up to the insurance company. 

Call Houston Insurance Claim Attorney, Trey Barton

As your Houston insurance claim attorney, I will listen to your story, inform you of your legal rights, investigate and analyze the facts of your case, and represent you zealously. If your valid insurance claim has been denied, is being disputed, or the insurance provider is offering much less than what the claim is really worth, give me a call at 832-916-2526. I provide free consultations and don’t take payment unless your case is won. 


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When the insurance company calls you, call me! The insurance company is interested in resolving your case for the smallest amount of money possible. They don’t care about you, your family, your injury, or what it will take to make you whole. They want to resolve your case before you have a chance to speak to a personal injury attorney that knows what you are entitled to recover. Act now to protect your legal rights! Contact me today for a free case evaluation.