If you work offshore, you probably already know how dangerous maritime work is. Offshore injuries and accidents happen frequently. Many of these injuries leave offshore employees with longtime health concerns.

When it comes to maritime work, personal injury law is a little different than on land. However, offshore employees are legally entitled to compensation for their injuries under maritime law and under the Jones Act.

What Are Some Common Offshore Accidents?

Maritime laws like the Jones Act place a great burden on maritime employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees.

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Common examples of negligence on the part of maritime employers that may lead to offshore accidents are:

  • Failure to provide adequate safety training
  • Failure to ensure all equipment is in working, functioning order
  • Not providing proper safety gear and protective clothing
  • Not providing appropriate rest periods or breaks
  • Failure to make sure work areas are clear of dangerous materials and debris
  • Failure to provide warning signs in appropriate areas
  • Not ensuring ladders and steps are stable and in functioning order

If you suffer an injury due to any of these examples, your employer may be liable for your injury. 

Does the Jones Act Apply To My Offshore Injury in Texas?

The Jones Act is a law that enables seamen to seek recompense for their offshore injuries. The Jones Act enables any maritime worker who sustains an injury due to the negligence of their employer to seek compensation for their injuries. 

The Jones Act is an employee-friendly law. It places a great burden on the maritime employer to create a safe environment. In addition, it requires the employer to compensate the employee for its percentage of liability. 

What is a Seaman?

To know for sure if you are considered a seaman under the Jones Act, you should contact an experienced attorney immediately. 

However, the general definition of a seamen or an offshore maritime worker is anyone who does work on a seafaring vessel.

What Damages Can I Recover From Offshore Injuries?

In a personal injury case, you can pursue damages for your lost wages, medical bills, as well as less tangible “pain and suffering” damages. 

Recoverable damages in an offshore accident include:

  • Past lost wages
  • Future loss of earning capacity 
  • Past and future mental anguish 
  • Past and future pain and suffering 
  • Past and future medical expenses 
  • Personal or household expenses as a result of your injuries 

How Do I Calculate Damages of an Offshore Injury?

The amount of damages you recover will be a combination of medical bills and other expenses, as well as wages you may have earned while you are recovering. However, as you can see, there are also potential damages that are more difficult to calculate. 

It’s impossible, really, to put a price tag on pain and suffering. For this reason, if you are seeking compensation in a personal injury claim, it is essential that you have an attorney experienced in personal injury. An experienced attorney like Trey Barton can use his personal experience and knowledge to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. 

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