As an experienced personal injury attorney in Fayette County, TX, I understand your unique situation and provide legal guidance that will help you obtain a favorable result. I offer a free, no-obligation consultation, contact me today! You don’t pay unless your case is won.

What is a Personal Injury Claim in Fayette County, TX?

Personal injury is a complex area of Texas Law that deals with physical, mental, and emotional injuries.

Unfortunately, the law is not magical and cannot return you to your pre-injury condition. Instead, the system provides a way to financially compensate you for your damages.

If you suffer an injury and you believe it was someone else’s fault, it is worth speaking to an experienced Fayette County personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to compensation.

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What should you do after sustaining an injury in Fayette County, TX?

First, call Trey Barton Law and set up a free consultation. He will discuss the circumstances of your accident with you, the injury you sustained, and the potential claims that can be made. Do not speak to an insurance company before consulting an experienced personal injury attorney. The insurance company does not care about you, or you injury, and the adjuster is only looking to settle you claim for a little as possible. Insurance companies regularly undervalue and deny claims to make more money. Many times, I can negotiate a claim settlement with the insurance company based on the evidence I gather on your behalf. If the insurance company fails to make a reasonable offer, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary.

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Fayette County, TX Personal Injury Attorney, Trey Barton is well-suited to defend those who are injured.

When you call Trey Barton Law, you will speak with a caring and knowledgeable lawyer, who is ready to offer a free consultation, and won’t accept payment, unless he helps you win your case. 

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When the insurance company calls you, call me! The insurance company is interested in resolving your case for the smallest amount of money possible. They don’t care about you, your family, your injury, or what it will take to make you whole. They want to resolve your case before you have a chance to speak to a personal injury attorney that knows what you are entitled to recover. Act now to protect your legal rights! Contact me today for a free case evaluation.

Fayette County Personal Injury Attorney | Trey Barton Law

Choosing the right Fayette County personal injury attorney to represent you after a serious accident or a tragic wrongful death is an extremely difficult decision and can have a significant impact on the amount of money you recover. Trust your case to an experienced Fayette County attorney that knows how large businesses and insurance companies evaluate claims.

When you entrust your personal injury case to Trey Barton, you get a dedicated legal advocate that will fight hard for you! Trey Barton Law Firm cares about the clients, their families, and the relationships developed when representing people who have been injured by the negligence of others. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your case with you and assist you in pursuing the best opportunity available.

Trey Barton understands the hardships injured people and their loved ones face as they try to heal from their accident. This is why a contingency fee is used, which means there is no fee unless your case is won. The fee is a percentage of the verdict or settlement obtained on your behalf.

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