Do I Need a Houston Amputations and Crush Injury Attorney?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans undergo amputations each year. About half of those amputations are the result of accidents and trauma. In fact, the most common causes of trauma-related amputations are car and railroad accidents. Amputations and crush injuries may also occur in workplace accidents, especially workplaces where heavy materials are dropped or there is fast-moving machinery.

Regardless of how they occur, injuries that result in amputations are usually very severe. They also seriously change the course of an accident victim’s life.

These injuries are also almost always preventable. They could be the result of faulty equipment, missed inspections or general oversight. When these kinds of accidents happen, the parties responsible must be held accountable.

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What Are The Long-Term Consequences of an Amputation?

There is no arguing that amputations and crush injuries will alter the course of your life. The more complicated the amputation, the more severe the alteration may be. 

For instance, a multi-limb amputation will, unfortunately, lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. Prosthetic limbs may cause irritation, infections, and severe discomfort. Sitting in a wheelchair may have negative consequences on the spine, circulation, and heart functions. There is also an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic issues with amputation and crush injury victims. 

The cost for proper lifetime care for patients who suffer amputations can be millions of dollars.

Physical and Mental Health Considerations For Amputations and Crush Injuries

In addition to actually losing one or more of their limbs, there are other medical considerations for amputees. They need extensive physical rehabilitation to regain their strength and learn how to function without the amputated limb. They may also require pain management services, and mental health services to combat and treat depression.

Medical Devices for Amputations 

People will often also require expensive medical devices such as prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, crutches, scooters, walking sticks, and other assistive devices. These devices will need replacing multiple times over a person’s lifetime and will be very expensive. 

Lawsuits for Amputations and Crush Injuries

Even if an amputation is a much more serious injury than other personal injuries, the timeline for filing a lawsuit is similar. For that reason, when you suffer a critical injury, you should contact a Houston amputations and crush injury attorney as soon as possible. 

Verdicts for amputations across the United States have numbered in the tens of millions of dollars. For this reason, when a corporation incurs a personal injury lawsuit involving an amputation, they will hire a massive team of lawyers to defend them. Even when an internal investigation determines fault within the company, in court they will deny any liability. This is just one more reason you need qualified legal help for a lawsuit of surrounding an amputation or crush injury. 

What Damages Can I Recover After An Amputation?

In a personal injury case, you can recover damages for your lost wages, medical bills, as well as less tangible “pain and suffering” damages. 

Recoverable damages in an amputation accident claim include:

  • Loss of consortium
  • Past lost wages
  • Future loss of earning capacity 
  • Past and future mental anguish, pain and suffering, and medical expenses 
  • Impairment
  • Disfigurement 
  • Personal or household expenses as a result of your injuries

How Do I Calculate Damages of an Amputation or Crush Injury?

The amount of damages you recover will be a combination of medical bills and other expenses, as well as wages you may have earned while you are recovering. However, as you can see, there are also potential damages that are more difficult to calculate. 

It’s impossible, really, to put a price tag on pain and suffering. For this reason, if you are seeking compensation in a personal injury claim, it is essential that you have an attorney experienced in personal injury. An experienced Houston amputations and crush injury attorney like Trey Barton can use his personal experience and knowledge to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.     

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