Why Do You Need a Houston Road Construction Accident Attorney?

The state of Texas spends massive amounts of tax dollars hiring road contractors to improve roads and highways. Road construction work zones are extremely dangerous for people traveling on the roads and for the construction workers employed by the road contractors.  

The state of Texas sets forth certain safety measures that road contractors are expected to follow to ensure safety, but these are not always followed. The failure of the road contractor to implement safety measures and/or the failure of drivers  to drive safely through construction zones leads to a large number of road construction accidents in the Houston area.

Is an Accident in a Road Construction Area My Fault?

Drivers must navigate the following when driving through a construction zone:

  • a confusing system of cones,
  • barrels,
  • lane changes,
  • speed limit changes, and
  • flashing lights


Many times improper signage, a lack of adequate signage, and/or inconsistent signage can cause accidents.  At the same time, the road conditions are constantly changing as workers are operating heavy equipment. 

Injuries to people traveling on the roads and/or road construction workers may result from careless drivers, but it is also likely that the road construction crew implemented poor safety protocols and caused or contributed to the accident.

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What Are Some Examples of Road Construction Accidents in Houston?

There are countless ways a construction worker and/or a person driving through a construction zone may sustain an injury. Roadside construction is, and always will be, extremely dangerous. The injuries sustained can range from minor to catastrophic, and likely can result in death. 

Some common road construction accidents in Houston occur because:

  • Lack of warning signs
  • Incorrect signage
  • Confusing signage
  • Improperly placed signage
  • Improperly trained employees
  • Undermanned construction crews
  • The road contractor’s failure to follow the proper safety protocols
  • Unsafe equipment use
  • Driver inattention

Any combination of these situations, and potentially many others, can result in accidents that severely injure drivers and/or construction workers. These may be the fault of reckless drivers passing the construction site, the road contractors failure to follow the proper safety protocols, and/or a combination of both. 

What Are Some Examples of Road Construction Injuries in the Houston Area?      

There are a variety of injuries a construction worker might sustain at a roadside construction site. Some of the most common road construction injuries in the Houston area include:


Some of these injuries, especially spinal cord injuries (back and neck) and traumatic brain injuries, may require extensive medical treatment. The injured person may never be capable of returning to their previous job in any capacity. They may be incapacitated permanently. 

Nearly all of these injuries can be avoided with proper safety procedures, proper use of equipment, and attentive drivers. When these injuries occur, there is usually someone that should be held responsible. 

Can I Receive Compensation For My Injuries In A Road Construction Zone?

If you sustain an injury in a road construction zone, either as an employee of the road contractor or as a member of the traveling public, there is likely a responsible party. A drivers’ responsibilities are more widely known, but a road contractors’ responsibilities to the traveling public are not commonly understood.  You should consult an experienced personal injury attorney that is familiar with the responsibilities of a road contractor.

For instance, if a car strikes you while driving through a construction zone, the driver may be liable for your injuries, or the road contractor may be liable for failing to use proper signage, failing to warn the traveling public of upcoming hazards, and/or failing to use proper safety protocols.  It is possible that both the driver and the road contractor will have some responsibility.    

What Damages Can I Recover From a Road Construction Accident?

Damages usually include past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, and other expenses you accrue while recovering from your injury. In addition, Trey may also ask you to pursue past and future pain and suffering, past and future mental anguish, disfigurement, impairment, and potentially some other elements of damage depending on the specifics of your injuries.

How Do I Calculate Damages for Road Construction Accidents?

The amount of damages you may recover can be a combination of medical bills and other expenses, as well as wages you may have earned while you are recovering. However, as mentioned above, there are also potential damages that are more difficult to calculate. 

It’s impossible, really, to put a price tag on pain and suffering. For this reason, if you are seeking compensation in a road construction accident, it is essential that you have an attorney experienced in personal injury. An experienced attorney like Trey Barton can use his personal experience and knowledge to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. 

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