What To Do After a Golf Cart Accident

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While golf carts have become a popular industry, bringing in over $200 million per year, they aren’t the safest form of transportation. Each year in the United States, around 15,000 people require emergency attention from a golf cart related injury.

Unfortunately, golf cart accidents happen on a daily basis. Oftentimes, the injuries are mild, but catastrophic and even fatal injuries do happen from time to time.

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How Dangerous are Golf Carts?

Golf cart injuries can range from mild bruises to traumatic brain injuriescrush injuries and in extreme cases, death.

Studies show that as golf carts are increasingly taken on public roads, more accidents and therefore, more injuries are occurring. 

Who is Responsible for Golf Cart Accidents?

It varies from case to case, but it is important to remember that golf cart drivers are not always at fault in accidents. However, if the operator is driving too fast or swerves, passengers may be thrown out of the golf cart. Regardless of who is at fault, the lack of safety features in a golf cart makes the drive and passenger more vulnerable to injuries. 

Some of the most common causes behind golf cart injuries are failure to abide by safety instructions. However, that does not mean that all golf cart accidents are the driver or passengers fault.

Questions to Ask Include

  • Was the golf cart being driven recklessly?
  • Did the driver underestimate the golf cart’s power?
  • Was the driver distracted or not paying attention?
  • Did the driver overestimate the golf cart’s abilities?
  • Was the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Texas Golf Cart Laws

According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, you may operate a golf cart:

  • on roads in various planned communities,
  • at public or privately owned beaches,
  • during the daytime no more than 2 miles away from where the owner parks the golf cart,
  • for transportation to and from a golf course, and
  • on roads or intersections with speed limits at or under 35 mph.

If a city allows you to operate a golf cart on other roads, you must have :

  • insurance for the golf cart,
  • headlamps,
  • tail-lamps,
  • reflectors,
  • a parking brake,
  • mirrors, and
  • a slow-moving vehicle sticker.

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How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

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